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How many "Likes" has your web?

If you want to know, try Facebook Analytics (example here). Facebook Analytics is an easy ty use and free way, how to analyse Likes, Shares and Comments of your web pages.

If you have Facebook comments, Likes Facebook Like buton or Facebook Share buton buttons on your web pages, probably you want to get some statistics of it. Facebook offers Facebook insights, which can help a little, something you can find in comments tool. But I didnt find a simple and really useful tool for statistics similar to Gooogle Analytics. So I did one: Facebook Analytics.

Facebook statistics

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics collects statistics of Facebook interactions

How does it work?

Facebook Analytics has two parts. The first one is script gather.php. This script has to be run once a day and its task is to collect (gather) data from Facebook. gather.php has a list of URLs and for every single URL the number of Likes, Shares and Comments is found. This data are stored in database.

Facebook statistics processing

The second part is script fa.php, which is a user interface to database created by gather.php. Interface is in Google Analytics style, but much more simple (I don't have so many programmers as Google has ;)

And that's it! Here you can see and try example installation of Facebook Analytics.

What do you need?

You need hosting with Download installation file and in five minutes you can install your own Facebook statistics.